Case #1

Marc Waanders at,
built a website for creating products that personalize wheelchairs.

Originally, the site ( was designed with an embedded Flash application, but because we have ASP.NET development in-house, we decided together with the end customer that it would be far better to have an application which allowed us to maintain and extend ourselves.

After searching we ended up with Graphics Mill. One of the main reasons we chose them is superb coding example support along with the affordability of the software. Besides this Graphics Mill image handling delivered swift processing.

With our application users can now design their own wheelchair spoke protector. After the configuration process, a canvas and toolbox is opened with text and image editing available. To keep things operating smoothly the canvas is opened from a layered PSD file, which holds all possible configuration combinations. After design and ordering the hi-res bitmap is then printed on the polycarbonate sheet material.

Marc Waanders

Case #2

Jan De Smet , CEO of Printasy,
an ecommerce platform for printing companies.

Printasy is a company developing an ecommerce platform, called Printasy Commerce, which allows customers to easily create businesses selling customizable products. For this platform we needed to develop a tool we could integrate which allows customers to customize printable products like business cards, photobooks, t-shirts, roll up banners, etc.

Because we did not have knowledge in this field, we looked for a partner who could help us with this, providing it was not a Flash based solution. After doing research through Google we found Graphics Mill from Aurigma which we could basically buy as a toolkit and our programmers could implement easily.

Unfortunately it did not have all the requirements we wanted so to make it work some serious customization had to be done. We asked Aurigma if they could do this and they proposed to make the whole layout tool! We only had to implement it.

We congratulate Aurigma and greatly appreciate the tool they created for us. It does everything exactly the way we wanted it and they completed it in a reasonable timeframe. Bugs are fixed quickly and communication always goes smoothly. We have not regretted a single minute of this cooperation and plan to continue to use their custom development services in the future.

Jan De Smet
CEO - Printasy

Logo of Printasy - Jan's web service where Graphics Mill is used.

Case #3

John Youren at Synergy IDE,
a software engineering tool for computer game developers.

I found out about Aurigma’s Graphics Mill component while searching Component Source for an inexpensive imaging component for my IDE. Imaging isn’t usually customized for Integrated Development Environments, and so the component had to be flexible enough to provide all of its functionality, even though it wasn’t the dominant feature.

I tried a number of components, and was highly impressed by Graphics Mill, simply because it came with the source code to show off all its features. For a single developer with limited time resources it meant that I could add a great deal of value to my product, in a relatively short time period. In a couple of days I had implemented all of the Graphics Mill features. Sample forms, including a fully written histogram enabled rapid integration, and are also easily implemented. By simply including a prewritten form in your project you have the features ready to use.

The actual features of the component are extremely competitive from a pricing standpoint. The core command allows to you to manipulate the image, even changing between image bit depths in real time. Of course, Aurigma has provided a large number of filters that are truly useful and not just for show. The extra toolkit components help you polish off your application by implementing rubber banding, and zooming within an area; both features found in commercial products such as Photoshop.

When you install Graphics Mill you have a complete solution for creating an imaging application, or as in my case simply want to add imaging features to your application. The well written and well documented API allow you to fully customize the way images are handled, modified and displayed, while the sample sources let you get started directly as well as implement the powerful features straight away.

Overall, I am glad I chose Aurigma’s Graphics Mill. It has added enormous value to my product and increased its popularity. The ready made aspects provide a great starting and learning point. When the core features of my application are finished, I look forward to experimenting with the lower level features!

John Youren
Author - Synergy IDE

Screenshot 1 of John's application where Graphics Mill is used.Screenshot 2 of John's application where Graphics Mill is used.