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Latest version 9.0.33 released 2/15/2017 See detailed change log and download the latest SDK

Version 8.1.24 - Released 4/15/2016

Improved PSD support

We have improved PSD format support. Now Graphics Mill supports Large Document Format (PSB) and much more accurately renders Smart Objects. It can also extract word spacing information from text layers. Several bugs are fixed.

See change log

Version 8.1.12 - Released 2/16/2016

Ability to read raster layer masks in PSD files

New version improves support of PSD format. This time we have added an ability to extract raster layer masks. In addition, we have fixed a couple of bugs and made manipulations with clipping path easier. Also, we have added an ability to enumerate fonts installed in the system.

See change log

Version 8.1.2 - Released 1/26/2016

Text rendering engine reworked

We have done a lot of work on the text rendering engine. Now it handles even more sophisticated layouts. Starting with version 8.1.45 Graphics Mill can spread text between multiple containers. Also we added support for RTL text and ordered/unordered lists and additionally improved handling of some specific fronts. Despite all these major improvements, there are no braking changes in the API.

New samples, multiple bug fixes

New samples are added to the product reflecting improvements in 8.1.45 and the previous versions. Several problems with JPEG and EXIF have been fixed.

See change log

Version 8.0.37 - Released 11/28/2015

Semi-transparent PNG files created using NeuQuant, device link color profiles, PSD improvements

Version 8.0.37 adds supports for NeuQuant quantization algorithm significantly reducing size of PNG files and persevering transparency at the same time. The color management engine can deal with device link color profiles now. Also we did some improvements and bug fixes in the PSD reader.

License keys can be applied via web.config/app.config files in 8.0.37 making it more convenient to implement Graphics Mill in web applications.

See change log

Version 8.0.18 - Released 9/5/2015

Further PSD improvements

Personalize PSD without Photoshop using C#
Export personalized PSD to JPEG, TIFF or PDF
Create pseudo-3D preview using Smart Object

Personalize Adobe Photoshop files in few lines of code

New PsdProcessor class allow editing image and text layers content of a PSD file and merge them to a bitmap or PDF just in several lines of code. You still have all the control over PSD parsing and rendering, however PsdProcessor allows you to concentrate on the business logic without having to deal with each layer positioning, transformations, applying effects, etc. Another life-saver is an ability to automatically grab missing fonts from various sources such as Google Fonts, Font Squirell and a local folder (no need to install those fonts to a system!)

Use SmartObjects in PSD to generate pseudo-3D previews

Graphics Mill 8 now has the best PSD format support on the market (except of Adobe, of course). Formatted text, paragraph setting, vector shapes, masks and many other features allows personalized templates of any complexity. You can even generate pseudo 3D previews and apply warp transformations using Smart Object!

TARGA format, complicated clipping paths, graphics metafile

If you are using Graphics Mill in DAM systems, you will find some of new features extemely useful, such as TARGA file format support as well as an ability to work with advanced clipping path. For those who need to work with vector graphics, we have added a new GraphicsContainer class which is similar to metafiles in System.Drawing - throw some commands into it (like "draw path, "add image", etc) and then output it to PDF.

See change log

Version 7.5.69 - Released 5/22/2015

One more PSD support advancement: extended text support

Good news for those who needs extracting more text details from PSD than just basic settings. Now Graphics Mill can read curved and rotated text (as well as render it) and extract letter spacing (tracking). This way Graphics Mill may render PSD files very close to the original Adobe Photoshop.

Web samples, multiple improvements and bug fixes

In addition to multiple minor improvements and fixes, there are the most important ones:

  • Web samples.
  • Ability to create extremely large TIFF files.
  • Now the text and lines width are correct when drawing them in PDF files.
See change log

Version 7.2.26 - Released 1/30/2015

Formatted text

Now Graphics Mill can draw a formatted text. You can set different font settings for each word or even an individual character using HTML/CSS like syntax. Formatting can be applied not just for a simple text strings, but also paragraphs and even artistic text!

Lab color space

We have added an ability to convert pixels to the Lab color space. It allows creating more advanced color and image processing algorithms.

New samples, multiple bug fixes

10+ new samples were added. We have also fixed the following issues: resizing and saving extra large images to PDF, chinese fonts and few other minor problems. Also, RAW format support was improved

See change log

Version 7.1.65 - Released 9/16/2014

WebP, NuGet, new documentation and code example repository

WebP - new image file format - is introduced. The compression ratio is better than JPEG and PNG for both lossy and lossless algorithm.
Now you can install Graphics Mill using NuGet package manager.
Renovated documentation and code example repository - all important aspects of Graphics Mill usage are explained and demonstrated.

Improved text rendering

New drawing engine allows controlling the text rendering more precisely. You can control hinting, leading. Use faux bold and italic styles.

Multiple selection in AJAX Vector Objects

AJAX Vector Objects now allow selecting multiple objects. Several bugs are fixed.

See change log

Version 7.0.28 - Released 6/2/2014

New drawing engine - CMYK and PDF/EPS output

New drawing engine allows drawing not only on classic 8 bit per channel RGB images, but also CMYK and 16 bit-per-channel pixel formats. Alpha channel is properly handled. In addition, it allows to draw not just on bitmaps, but also on PDF and EPS (pixel-to-pixel accuracy).

New drawing engine.
RGB, CMYK, alpha chanel, 16 bit per chanel
Raster and vector accuracy.
Pixel-to-pixel raster and vector accuracy in PDF/EPS

Extended text output and custom font management

Graphics Mill supports new font and text rendering engine. This engine allows drawing texts with various effects, such as curved/distorted text, shadow, outline, glow with few lines of code! Another important feature is the ability to load font file (TrueType, OpenType, Type 1) from a file system without registering it.

Old Graphics Mill memory consumption.
New Graphics Mill memory consumption.

Ajax Vector Objects improvements and bug fixes

In addition to multiple bugfixes and minor improvements, our visual multi-layered image editing control (Ajax Vector Objects) received new text manipulation features. In particular, now it supports not just a regular text lines, but also multiline areas and curved text.

See change log

Version 6.0.197 - 1/22/2014

Chroma key support

Chroma key feature is an ability to make a particular background color transparent so that you could insert some background image instead of this color. Now Graphics Mill allows doing it with few lines of code.

Green screen
Merged background

SVG support in Ajax Vector Objects

The HTML5-based online image editing control included into Graphics Mill (known as Ajax Vector Objects) now can import and export SVG files and insert arbitrary SVG objects. Also, now it is possible to manage restrictions for the object manipulation (like resizing, moving, etc).

TIFF OJPEG support, several bug fixes

Graphics Mill core library now can open TIFF files with OJPEG compression. In addition, some minor bugs were fixed.

See change log

Version 6.0.156 - Released 9/5/2013

Automatic crop, JPEG speed improvement

Now Graphics Mill can automatically trim a solid background using the AutoCrop transformation. In addition, we have significantly improved the speed of JPEG enconding. Several bug were fixed as well.

See change log

Version 6.0.131 - Released 5/28/2013

Service release

This version supports .NET 3.5 and 4.x. A number of minor improvements and bugfixes were made as well.

See change log

Version 6.0.118 - Released 4/30/2013

New advanced imaging features

Import to PDF and EPS not only image data, but also text and vector.
Load RAW images to convert it to JPEG or any other format.
Convert clipping path created in Photoshop to a raster mask.

Mobile-friendly online image editing

Our HTML5-based online image editing control (Ajax Vector Objects) now is mobile and touch friendly. A number of other improvements and bugfixes were also made.

See change log

Version 6.0.111 - Released 4/4/2013

New memory-friendly Application Programming Interface (API)

Old Graphics Mill memory consumption.
Old Graphics Mill
New Graphics Mill memory consumption.
New Graphics Mill

The long-awaited solution for processing oversized images is now available. Instead of loading the entire image into memory in the traditional manner, you can process the oversized image piece-by-piece using the new memory-friendly API.

Algorithm speed increased

We worked hard to make popular imaging algorithms like image resizing work much faster. Power unleashed!

Graphics Mill speed increase

Chart showing new Graphics Mill performance increasing.

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