Complex imaging algorithms made simple

  • All popular image manipulations are available
  • Features an intuitive, developer friendly API
  • Detailed documentation
  • Tons of code examples
  • Useful developer forums
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Optimized for heavy loads

  • Manipulate millions of images on your servers
  • Ultra fast and memory friendly
  • Works perfectly with ASP.NET and Azure
  • Proven reliability on hundreds of servers
  • High performance software reduces expenses
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Easily handles oversized

  • Work with hi-res images — up to hundreds of square feet!
  • Load, process and save large images chunk-by-chunk
  • “Memory-friendly” does not mean it’s complicated!
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Maximum image quality

  • High quality image resizing
  • Lossless JPEG manipulations
  • Precise CMYK <-> RGB color conversion
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Let us share our imaging expertise

Have an imaging problem but not sure how to solve it? We are happy to review your challenge and guide you to the best solution using the capabilities of Graphics Mill!

Don’t hesitate to ask — it’s free!

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Our Customers Speak

Michel Boddy
Sunbaked Software Inc.

After much research we determined Aurigma’s Graphics Mill was the perfect tool for completing an enhancement to a client’s project that required image editing + drawing capabilities. The control was a breeze to implement, has a great feature set and the few questions we had were answered quickly.

Marc Waanders

...After searching we ended up with Graphics Mill software from Aurigma. One of the main reasons we chose them is the superb coding example support along with the affordability of the software. Besides this, Graphics Mill image handing delivered swift processing...

John Youren
Synergy IDE

...I tried a number of components, and was highly impressed by Graphics Mill, simply because it came with the source code to show off all its features...

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