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ASP.NET is a great tool for building websites, but image processing functionality within ASP.NET is a challenge for even the best developers. SDKs for ASP.NET have until now been extremely limited in their utility and in their durability. If you want to have several simultaneous users, and enable them to support huge applications you have had no very good options until now.

The introduction of ASP.NET image processing SDK in Graphics Mill is here, enabling the experience you provide your users through a stout server-side capability and a very capable User Interface function. Graphics Mill is right at home in the web environment.

Simultaneous Users

There is no functional limit inherent in Graphics Mill for the number of simultaneous ASP.NET image SDK users you can enable. The only limitation is your server and how many simultaneous users it can support. Within Graphics Mill, every individual user’s image manipulation transactions are isolated.


Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck. Graphics Mill’s speed is optimized. Side by side, this means that Graphics Mill’s design allows it to handle far more ASP.NET image transactions on the same hardware than a lesser imaging solution can do. Bottom line, more transactions, same infrastructure.

Massive image manipulation

ASP.NET image SDK in Graphics Mill can easily work with enormous images that would bring lesser imaging solutions to a screeching halt. Graphics Mill does this with ASP.NET image processing without loading them into memory. This streamlining of the image processing transactions ensures that your server will never have a shortage of memory due to Graphics Mill.

Microsoft Azure

Graphics Mill can be easily deployed in Microsoft’s Azure environment. This allows your image processing to take full advantage of the many efficiencies your business is realizing through the use of Cloud services.

Image manipulation interface

Graphics Mill ASP.NET image manipulation goes far beyond a simple server-side core library. Visual controls native to Graphics Mill allow you to enable your users with a great image manipulation interface, without any plugins or Flash. Using the HTML5 controls that are found in Graphics Mill, your users can conduct all sorts of image manipulation actions, including zooming. Graphics Mill will load the image dynamically, displaying only the visible portion. This kind of image interface is familiar to users of Google Maps and ensures that there is little in the way of a learning curve as part of the ASP.NET image usability.

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Graphics Mill is the most robust imaging toolset available for .NET, and primarily ASP.NET developers. It allows users to add complicated raster and vector image processing functionality to .NET apps with ease.