We work hard and never stop studying, developing, and implementing the most innovative algorithms, approaches, and technologies to guarantee that our products – the solutions for your tasks and goals - are state-of-the-art.

Development team

Our team consists of skilled .NET and C++ software engineers. They are able to solve any image processing related problem - from implementing complicated algorithms through parsing and interpreting Adobe's barely documented file formats.
Aurigma is Microsoft Certified Partner.

Our customers

We have a long history of successful collaboration with customers. Since 2001, we have had thousands of clients from different industries and of various scales. They include printing companies, DAM system developers, marketing automation software vendors and many others.

With great pleasure and the same dedication, we work with small and medium enterprises. And, of course, among our clients there are top companies in the national and even global print market, such as Cimpress, 4OVER, etc.

Famous tech companies value cooperation with Aurigma as safe and efficient. For example, we have worked with IBM, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and many others. We're also helping IT departments of large corporations to solve their image processing and manipulation tasks.

Marc Waanders Fit2Page

...after searching we ended up with Aurigma software. One of the main reasons we chose them is the superb coding example support along with the affordability of the software.

Where we are from

Aurigma is located in Alexandria, VA just several minutes outside Washington D.C.

Aurigma's home office is located just minutes from the Capitol in Washington D.C.