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Creation 3D-preview of personalized products

The problem of creating preview images for a personalized product is very popular. Sometimes it is not a problem to implement it - for example, when a surface of a product is flat (like a paper sheet). In this case, to create a preview, we just combine a product image with a custom image or design. However, most objects of the physical world have more complex shape.

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Personalize Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files using PsdProcessor

Last week we have released the new version 8 of Graphics Mill. One of the main improvements is the new PsdProcessor class which allows process Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files much easier than earlier.

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Compression ratio for different JPEG quality values

Today I tried to help to one of our customers and while I preparing my answer I came to a question - may I expect to have some specific compression ratio if I set some JPEG quality value? I made a small study to figure it out.

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Automate Image Processing using Graphics Mill and PowerShell

Today I encountered a task - I needed to resize and apply auto level on a batch of images. In the past, I would just open Gimp or Photoshop and process those images one by one (fortunately I never had to do it on more than a couple of dozens of images). However this time I had way too many files and I thought to myself - we are doing a top-notch imaging software, why not to use it to make my life easier?

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It’s much easier to develop imaging applications with Graphics Mill 7.1

We have just released Graphics Mill 7.1 and I would like to tell a bit more detailed what is new and why we decided to concentrate on it this time.

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