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Automate Image Processing using Graphics Mill and PowerShell

Today I encountered a task - I needed to resize and apply auto level on a batch of images. In the past, I would just open Gimp or Photoshop and process those images one by one (fortunately I never had to do it on more than a couple of dozens of images). However this time I had way too many files and I thought to myself - we are doing a top-notch imaging software, why not to use it to make my life easier?

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It’s much easier to develop imaging applications with Graphics Mill 7.1

We have just released Graphics Mill 7.1 and I would like to tell a bit more detailed what is new and why we decided to concentrate on it this time.

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Creating zoomable images using Graphics Mill and Leaflet

The usual way to display large images on the Web is to split the original image into multiple tiles of different resolution and load them on demand.

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Some insights about the upcoming version 7.1: updated documentation and samples, NuGet, WebP and PNG

The work on the upcoming version 7.1 is in a full swing and we plan to roll it out in the next month. In this version we have focused on two things: adding web graphics optimization features and improving the experience of Graphics Mill usage.

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New Drawing API in Graphics Mill 7

In Graphics Mill 7 we introduce the new drawing API.

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