Website developers do not always find themselves dealing with the same kind of challenges from day to day. Creative problem solving for unusual trials and tribulations is a hallmark of the profession. Image manipulations and image processing are no exception to the rule.

The problem is that they are often called on to determine the best way to combine images or generate thumbnails, instead of concentrating on web application architecture, database structure, or the creation of a brilliant User Interface. But as professional website developers the world over will testify, Graphics Mill, .NET Image Processing Toolkit from Aurigma enables the completion of these and many other image processing tasks with ease and authority.

.NET Image Processing Toolkit includes multitudes of extremely helpful tools for the professional developer:

  • Load and save the most popular image formats, or easily convert between any file types. If there are several elements in the image, for example multi-layer PSD or multipage TIFF, you can work with the component elements individually.
  • Images can be easily resized, rotated, cropped, or transformed in many other ways with this .NET Image Processing Toolkit. Affine and projective (perspective) transforms are a snap.
  • Colors can be switched with ease. Brightness, corrective tone, color saturation, etc. All are easily manipulated with the tools native to the .NET Image Processing Toolkit.
  • Metadata can be harvested and utilized. EXIF, IPTC, and Adobe XMP are all available for use and metrics with Graphics Mill .NET Image Processing Toolkit.
  • Image type, dimension, and resolution, among other image parameters, can be read and validated without the necessity of loading the image into memory. This allows .NET Image Processing Toolkit to save server bandwidth and overhead.

There are even more tools in the .NET Image Processing Toolkit. And ASP.NET developers will find the interface to be simple and effective. There is no special knowledge needed, but if you do come across something that is outside of your comfort zone, the engineers at Aurigma are always ready to assist you. Just drop us a line!

.NET Image Processing Toolkit is robust enough to stand up to millions of images—with no limit on image size—from thousands of users. Graphics Mill is the right tool for any image processing job, and is the choice of professionals.