About Graphics Mill

General-purpose imaging SDK

Graphics Mill suits virtually any .NET application requiring imaging features. Whenever you create a photo hosting website, an application applying pre-print preparation on images, a script which generates web graphics, or whatever other imaging application you have in mind, Graphics Mill will help. Graphics Mill allows:

All these operations are applicable to images of any size and they are heavily optimized for lightning speed.

Imaging SDK for Printing Industry

Graphics Mill is a .NET SDK that lets you add imaging features to printing solutions. The SDK will do all imaging and graphics processing for you, freeing your programmers to deliver high-quality solutions quickly.

Graphics Mill is great for the printing industry because it represents a powerful composition engine with support for reading Adobe formats (PSD, PDF, AI) and rendering text and graphics in PDF.

Being a specialist in the printing industry, you know that lifecycle of every print product includes preparing hi-res outputs for printing and displaying low-res products preview to the clients. All these stages can be done with Graphics Mill whenever you are developing a web service or a standalone Windows application.

Graphics Mill is capable to process images and print products of any size, even on a 32-bit platform. From our past experience we know that only a few imaging toolkits are able to process these huge images in an effective way. The ability to process huge images seamlessly is one of the unique features of Graphics Mill. No longer will you see annoying "out of memory" errors.