Starting from version 10, Graphics Mill works with the following license types: Desktop, Server, and Enterprise.

Desktop Applications license

Desktop license key is embedded into your EXE file as a LICX file, distributed with your application, and does not require registration on end-user machines. One license:

  1. Allows you to build your application on a single development machine and tied to it via Hardware ID.
  2. Allows you to distribute your application to PCs with desktop OS (not Windows Server).
  3. Allows you to request an unlimited number of keys for an unlimited number of applications (each application must use a separate key).

Each developer requires a separate license for building the application (even if there is only one application).

Server (web) Applications license

This license requires at least 2 keys: one for the development machine and one for the server. The Server license key is stored on your server in Registry, App Settings or in a LIC file, it does require activation via Hardware ID on EACH server. The Development license key is stored on your Development machine in Registry, App Settings, or in a LIC file and does NOT require activation and is not tied to your Hardware ID. The Development license key can be used by a single developer on up to 3 development machines. One license:

  1. Allows you to build your application on up to 3 development machines by a single developer.
  2. Allows you to deploy to a single Windows server or App Service (cannot be deployed to serverless environment) on which the license was activated.
  3. Allows you to change your server by replacing the old key with a new one; the old key will become inactive in a week after replacement.

Even if you consider your application to be a non-web application, but you need to run it on Windows Server, you need this type of license.

Enterprise (web) Applications license

Enterprise key can be used across your infrastructure with no limitation on the number of servers, developers, or QA engineers. It supports scalable serverless environments. It does not support desktop applications.