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Blog - Graphics Mill Image Processing Software

Graphics Mill 6 – What is new and why the perfomance increased so significantly

Graphics Mill 6 was just released by Aurigma. Memory efficiency and overall performance are remarkably improved. Read on to find out how such exceptional results were attained through the hard work and dedication of Aurigma’s outstanding engineers.

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Creating Interactive Online Content Designers with AJAX Vector Objects

A few weeks ago we released new version of Graphics Mill – 5.5. Looking through the what's new list, everybody finds out that the major change in the product is a new module called AJAX Vector Objects. I'd say that this is a good module. A very useful one

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Graphics Mill 5.1 released

Last week we released new Graphics Mill 5.1. It was minor release containing bug fixes.

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Graphics Mill for .NET 5.0 Released

On these weekends we have released Graphics Mill 5.0.

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Graphics Mill 5.0: Coming Soon

Long time passed since our last Graphics Mill 4.5 release. All this time Graphics Mill team was working over new version of the product.

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