Meet Graphics Mill 10!

The Aurigma team is constantly at work to increase the functionality of our products. We are proud to announce the latest version of the robust imaging toolkit, Graphics Mill. This is a major update that adds a whole set of new and improved features.

Support for major Adobe file formats

Graphics Mill supports the parsing and rendering of Photoshop files. However, many of our customers requested additional support for the InDesign format as well, and we are happy to report that we have bridged that gap. With the exception of Adobe, Graphics Mill is currently the best engine for processing and rendering Photoshop and InDesign files. Support for processing vector formats like PDF/AI makes Graphics Mill a powerful composition engine that can be utilized for very sophisticated printing applications.

WinControls and WebControls for Graphics Mill have been discontinued and made open source

WinControls was removed from Version 9 of Graphics Mill. In Version 10, we have also removed support for WebControls. We will continue active development for WebControls as an essential part of our online web-to-print editor, Customer’s Canvas. However, to allow our customers to use these products in the long-term, we released the source code of both WebControls and Win Controls.

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Standard and Web-to-Print editions

Graphics Mill has now been divided into two editions: Standard and Web-2-Print. The main difference between the two is the Web-2-Print version’s support for Adobe’s Photoshop and InDesign formats.

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New license keys

We have changed the format of our license keys as well as the way these keys are issued and used. If you have active maintenance contracts for Graphics Mill, you should get the new license key in your Aurigma account in order to use Version 10.

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Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements

We have fixed many bugs that occurred during the processing of PDF, SVG, and PSD formats as well as other bugs that affected image rendering. We have also switched to new versions of Intel Performance Primitives and Intel Math Kernel Library to boost general performance.