Ajax Vector Objects API


You can refer to the web-to-print solution based on AJAX Vector Objects, Customer's Canvas. You can consider it as a ready-to-use editor that you may want to embed into your website or as an example demonstrating how AJAX Vector Objects can be used for your needs.

This section provides detailed information about AJAX Vector Objects facilities. To learn how to start working with AJAX Vector Objects read the Your First Application with AJAX Vector Objects article.

AJAX Vector Objects uses HTML5 <canvas> as underlying technology but extends its features such as object model interaction, working with SVG, multilayered designs, etc. Within this section, you will learn how to perform such complicated tasks as creating graphics editors, building and editing designs, saving and then restoring them for further modifications, or rendering to a printable copy.

In This Section

Introduction to Ajax Vector Objects API
Canvas and CanvasViewer Control
Layers and Objects
Saving and Rendering Canvas
Working with Objects
Configuring CanvasViewer Control