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RectangleRubberband Properties

The RectangleRubberband type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Protected property Adapter (Inherited from Control.)
Public property AppRelativeTemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Attributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property AutoPostBack

Gets/sets a value indicating whether a postback to the server automatically occurs when the user stops modifying the rectangle.

Public property BindingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ChildControlsCreated (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ClientID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ClientIDSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property Context (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Controls (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ControlStyle (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property ControlStyleCreated (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property DesignMode (Inherited from Control.)
Public property EnableTheming

Gets or sets a value indicating whether themes apply to this control.

(Inherited from UserInputController.)
Public property EnableViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Erasable

Gets/sets a value that specifies whether the rubberband can be erased (discarded) when user clicks by a mouse out of this rectangle.

Protected property Events (Inherited from Control.)
Public property GripSize

Gets/sets the grip size.

Public property GripsVisible

Gets/sets a value which shows or hides the grips on the rectangle.

Public property HasAttributes (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property HasChildViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Public property ID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IdSeparator (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsChildControlStateCleared (Inherited from Control.)
Public property IsEmpty

Gets a value that specifies whether the rubberband rectangle is empty (and therefore whether it is visible).

Protected property IsEnabled (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property IsTrackingViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property IsViewStateEnabled (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property LoadViewStateByID (Inherited from Control.)
Public property MaskVisible

Gets/sets a value which specifies whether to display a mask out of the rectangle.

Public property Movable

Gets/sets a value which specifies whether the rubberband rectangle can be dragged on the BitmapViewer control.

Public property NamingContainer (Inherited from Control.)
Public property OutlineColor

Gets/sets the color of the rectangle outline.

(Inherited from RectangleController.)
Public property OutlineWidth

Gets/sets the rectangle outline width.

(Inherited from RectangleController.)
Public property Page (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Parent (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Ratio

Gets/sets the aspect ratio of the rubberband rectangle which should be preserved when ResizeMode is Proportional.

Public property Rectangle

Gets/sets a rubberband rectangle.

Public property ResizeMode

Gets/sets an allowed resize mode for the rubberband rectangle.

Public property Site (Inherited from Control.)
Public property Style (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property TagKey (Inherited from WebControl.)
Protected property TagName (Inherited from WebControl.)
Public property TemplateControl (Inherited from Control.)
Public property TemplateSourceDirectory (Inherited from Control.)
Public property UniqueID (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewState (Inherited from Control.)
Protected property ViewStateIgnoresCase (Inherited from Control.)

Explicit Interface Implementations

Name Description
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IControlBuilderAccessor.ControlBuilder (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IDataBindingsAccessor.DataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IExpressionsAccessor.Expressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IDataBindingsAccessor.HasDataBindings (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IExpressionsAccessor.HasExpressions (Inherited from Control.)
Explicit interface implemetation Private property IControlDesignerAccessor.UserData (Inherited from Control.)

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