Graphics Mill 4.5 for .NET has been released today

Today we have released Graphics Mill 4.5 for .NET. The new version contains some improvements and bug fixes.

We added improved support of Adobe Image Resources to the product. Adobe Image Resource Blocks (also known as 8BIM resources) are represented by binary buffer which contains meta-data information specialized for Adobe products family. For example, you can find there settings of color management, clipping path, background color and the others specified in the Photoshop properties. This meta-information is saved along with PSD, JPEG and TIFF files. The full specification of Adobe Image Resource Blocks you can find in the Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification paper available on the Adobe site.

Graphics Mill 4.5 for .NET lets you iterate through all Adobe Image Resource Blocks and perform the needed operations. For example, you can get Adobe Image Resources from one file, make some modifications (for example, remove thumbnail saved in Adobe Resources by Photoshop) and save it along with another image file.

Another significant feature of Graphics Mill 4.5 for .NET is improved multiline text support. The previous implementation of multiline text is based on Windows GDI. We understood that this support of text is so limited and our customers need more flexible solution. New text support was implemented from the ground and is based on Uniscribe - the Microsoft set of services for rendering Unicode-encoded text.

The new text support implementation has 2 major differences from the previous one: it supports justification (now you can align text to left and right at the same time) and now you can measure multiline text. “It is not so much”, - you can say. You are right – on the first sight it is not so much. But actually a lot of work was done and it gives the good basis which allows us to improve text support in the future releases and provide our customers with flexible text rendering solution.

Also Graphics Mill for 4.5 .NET contains some important bug fixes, you can find them in the What's new topic.

I hope you will like the new version of Graphics Mill for .NET. And we in our turn do our best to provide you with effective and convenient imaging solution.

Today is 22, December 2007 and I and all members of Aurigma Inc. want to wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year.