Aurigma Graphics Mill for .NET on X-Mas!

Christmas is coming soon and this is the time when miracles happen, you know. Though, we believe that most miracles (not all!) are made happen by people. So, we made version 4.5 of Graphics Mill for .NET happen almost on the Christmas Eve, shortly after version 4.1.

You may find that the new version includes some new features:

New Features

  • You can now extract and save individual blocks to Adobe Resources.
  • A kind .NET Christmas Fairy Improved multi-line text support:
    • Possibility to retrieve height of the multi-line text block rectangle when it is drawn.
    • Possibility to horizontally align multi-line text to both edges (justify).

Bug Fixes from Santa :)

  • Reader no more hangs up when trying to load JPEG file with corrupted embedded color profile.
  • A horde of little Christmas elves resolved the problem with launching multiple processes which use Graphics Mill for .NET concurrently.
  • A .NET Codewizard fixed the problem with memory leak when image save operation fails.
  • Santa's Scandinavian deer fixed the problem with Swedish symbols in XMP.
  • The BitmapViewer AJAX Control now works correctly with UpdatePanel.
  • Scrolling now works correctly in FireFox when you left-click scroll-bars of the BitmapViewer AJAX Control with active PanNavigator.
  • Mouse pointers are displayed correctly when you change zoom of image loaded in the BitmapViewer AJAX Control using ZoomInNavigator and ZoomOutNavigator.
  • ...a number of miscellaneous minor bug fixes as usual.

Ok, ok, we do not have elves, fairies or wizards. Or deers – but who cares! Did not you at least once wish that a Godmother Fairy could fix a bug or add a feature merely with a swing of her magic wand? So, let's not ruin the feeling of a miracle and pretend some practical Christmas codemagic has been worked.

If you have any questions or suggestions – feel free to contact us. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May all your challenges be resolved as if with a swing of a magic wand in the oncoming year!

Best regards, Aurigma X-Mas CodeMagic Team.