Graphics Mill minor update - version 6.0.118

The first minor update of Graphics Mill 6 is now available. It fixes some glitches which are inevitable in new products and adds few new features, including RAW format support.

Although we released Graphics Mill 6 only few weeks ago, we decided to roll up a minor update today. It includes several fixes which were found by our customers and testers, including: 

  • Added support of not only the latest .NET Framework version, but also .NET 3.5.
  • Fixed a problem with PSD reader which did not unlock a file even after you close it.
  • Improved 90-degree rotation.
  • Improved clipping path support.  

Besides of these changes, we have added two important features to the product: 

  • Long awaited support of RAW image format. 
  • HTML5 visual controls are now mobile-friendly (we tested iOS and Android). 

Although not all RAW format features are supported, but at least you can load these files as regular bitmaps and convert it to other file formats. We are thinking about adding other RAW features (like extraction of all image settings), but we need to be sure that it is really important for you. If you think so, please let us know. 

If you have any comments/suggestions/complaints regarding the new release, please contact us at Any feedback is highly appreciated!