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AVI File Format

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) file format was designed by Microsoft to store multimedia data such as video movies. It can store both video and audio streams which are played simultaneously.

Data stored in AVI file can be compressed. A module which allows to compress/decompress AVI data is called codec (or compressor). Each codec is identified with so-called FOURCC (four-character code) - a 32-bit unsigned integer created by concatenating four ASCII characters. E.g. if FOURCC = "DIVX", it means that its numeric value is 0x58564944.

To work with AVI files in your applications, you should use AVI Processor Add-on for Graphics Mill. You can read about its features more detailed in the Introduction to AVI Processor Add-on.

Format Name




File Extensions


Supported Pixel Formats

Description Read Write
8 bit palette-based Yes No
24 bit RGB Yes Yes
32 bit RGB Yes Yes


Examples which demonstrate how to work with AVI files can be found in the AVI Processor Add-on documentation. In particular it is recommended to read these topics: