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Using Vector Objects

Graphics Mill for .NET includes a handy module, called Vector Objects. This module includes the Windows Forms control which can host multiple objects like images, geometric shapes, texts, etc. This way you can easily build an application which allows the user to work with multi-layer vector and raster images. It includes such features as:

  • Pre-defined drawing primitives (rectangles, ellipses, polylines, images, text, etc), which are called v-objects (vector objects).
  • Support of multiple layers. Each layer can contain multiple v-objects.
  • Modification and transformation of the v-objects: move (also between layers), resize, rotate, skew.
  • Ability to save a multi-layer images to a file and restore these images with all its layers and v-objects from a file using serialization.
  • Merge a multi-layer image into a single bitmap (e.g. to save it to JPEG, GIF, or other graphics file format).
  • Undo and redo support in the multi-layer control.
  • Extensible architecture which allows to create any kind of custom v-objects.

In This Section

Basic Concepts of Vector Objects
Quick Start in Vector Objects
How to Use Vector Objects
Using V-objects With the BitmapViewer Control
How to Overlay Images