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D Font and Text

D.02 Font Loading and Text Measuring

Calculates width and height of a rectangle occupied by a text string with specified font settings as well as other font metrics. Includes: receiving text size and string ascender/descender, calculating “black box” of a regular string and artistic text (written on a circle), loads a font dynamically.

D.03 Art Text

Draws a text line with various artistic effects and distortions. Includes: various artistic text types (text on circle, bended text, etc) with variable bend level, text effects (glow, shadow).

D.04 Double Path Text

Distorts a text string using two custom Bezier curves (on the top and bottom of the string). Includes: drawing curved text based on two Beziers with variable font size.

D.06 PDF and EPS Output

Generates two vector images and saves them as a PDF or EPS. Includes: drawing an image, vector and text data on a PDF/EPS, multipage PDF file support.

I PSD Format (Adobe Photoshop)

I.03 Curved Text

Demonstrates how to parse and merge layers of PSD file with curved text.