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E Color Management

E.01 Converting Pixel Formats

Demonstrates how to convert an image between different pixel formats (RGB, CMYK, indexed, black-white, extended precision per channel). Creates indexed PNG images optimized for web. Adds alpha channel to a bitmap.

E.02 CMYK, Grayscale to RGB

Сonverts a non-RGB image (such as CMYK or grayscale) to a standard 8 bit per-channel RGB pixel format.

E.03 RGB to CMYK

Illustrates how to convert an RGB image to CMYK with or without color management. Generates an RGB preview of this color conversion to display it on the screen.

E.07 Converting Color Values

Converts an individual color between different color spaces with color management applied.

E.10 Device Link Profile

Converts pixels between two CMYK color spaces using device link color profiles - simplified color management technique which does not require converting colors to a device independent color space.