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ColorAdjustmentProvider.AutoLevels Method (Double, Boolean[], HistogramMode)

Automatically applies levels adjustment to specified channels using provided threshold level and histogram mode.

Namespace: Aurigma.GraphicsMill
Assembly: Aurigma.GraphicsMill (in Aurigma.GraphicsMill.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Sub AutoLevels ( _
	threshold As Double, _
	channels As Boolean(), _
	histogramMode As HistogramMode _
public void AutoLevels(
	double threshold,
	bool[] channels,
	HistogramMode histogramMode



Type: System.Double

Threshold level of the automatic level correction algorithm (sensitivity).

The threshold value is used to define a percent of pixels on edges of the tonal range to discard. Threshold = 1 is 100% of pixels. To get more or less realistic result, use a value less than 1% (0.01). For example:

  • If you want to get a result similar to Photoshop® 7, use 0.5% (0.005).
  • If you want a result similar to Photoshop CS or later, use 0.1% (0.001).

Type: System.Boolean []

Array of flags specifying what channels to apply effect at. If an array item is true, the transform will be applied at the channel with the appropriate index. Otherwise the channel is skipped.

Type: Aurigma.GraphicsMill.HistogramMode

HistogramMode value that specifies how to build the image histogram.


You can also use Levels class to apply this correction (with Auto property set to true).

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