Aurigma.GraphicsMill.AdvancedDrawing Namespace

The Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Drawing namespace represents the drawing engine in Graphics Mill. It contains classes for drawing graphics element on Canvas such as images, lines, curves, shapes, and text.


Class Description
Public class BoundedText

Draws the bounded text.

Public class Brush

Represents the base class for Graphics Mill brushes.

Public class ClippingPathCollection

Represents a collection of clipping paths.

Public class ColorStop

Represents a color-stop point for gradients.

Public class CustomFontRegistry

Creates the customer's font registry that allows managing allocation and disposal of the fonts.

Public class DoublePathText

Creates the distorted text drawn along two paths.

Public class Drawer

Provides the Aurigma.GraphicsMill.AdvancedDrawing.Graphics object for drawing within a pipeline.

Public class DrawEventArgs

Provides data for the Draw event.

Public class DrawImageEventArgs

Provides data for the BeforeDrawPath event.

Public class DrawPathEventArgs

Provides data for the BeforeDrawPath event.

Public class FallbackFontCollection

Represents a collection of fonts where a substitution for glyphs is searched in the first place.

Public class Font

Represents a single font.

Public class FontFallbackException

Represents the error that occurs when the font fallback cannot be carried out.

Public class FontInfo

Represents such font properties as a family, a full name, a postscript name, and a style.

Public class FontMetrics

Represents font characteristics for a font at a given text size.

Public class FontRegistry

Represents a base class for a fonts set.

Public class GradientBrush

A base class for all gradients.

Public class Graphics

Represents the advanced drawing functionality provided by Graphics Mill.

Public class GraphicsContainer

Represents a graphics metafile. Such containers can include composite vector images, bitmaps, and texts. They can be drawn on bitmaps, combined with each other, and used as start points of Pipeline. You can find examples in the Understanding Image Processing Approaches in Graphics Mill topic.

Public class InstalledFontRegistry

Represents the set of fonts installed in the system.

Public class InvalidStyleValueException

Represents the error that occurs when there is an invalid style in formatted text.

Public class LinearGradientBrush

Represents linear gradient brushes.

Public class ParagraphSettings

Contains main paragraph settings.

Public class Path

Represents a set of geometric elements (lines, curves, text, and graphics shapes) that can be used as a single object.

Public class PathBoundedText

Draws the bounded text.

Public class PathPointCollection

Represents a collection of the points in a path.

Public class PathText

Represents the distorted text drawn along a path.

Public class Pen

Defines an object used to draw lines and curves.

Public class PlainText

Represents the plain text.

Public class RadialGradientBrush

Represents radial gradient brushes.

Public class SolidBrush

Represents a brush of a dingle color.

Public class Text

A base class for all text classes.

Public class TextException
Public class TilingBrush

Represents the tiling brush.

Public class UnknownStyleNameException

Represents the error that occurs when there is an unknown style in formatted text.

Public class UnknownTagException

Represents the error that occurs when there is an unknown tag in formatted text.


Structure Description
Public structure OpenTypeFeature

Represents an Open Type feature.

Public structure PathPoint

Represents a point in a path.

Public structure StringMeasure

Contains string measurments.


Interface Description
Public interface IParagraphText

The interface implemented by all text classes that support paragraph settings.

Public interface IWrappedText

The interface implemented by all text classes that support wrapping around paths.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DigitType

Contains digit representation options.

Public enumeration FillingRule

Specifies a filling rule for a path.

Public enumeration LineCap

Contains the available cap styles with which a Pen object can end a line.

Public enumeration LineJoin

Contains the type of a corner when two lines meet.

Public enumeration MainPath

Specifies curve names to align double path text.

Public enumeration OpenTypeFeatureTag

Contains supported Open Type features. For more information about the features, refer to definitions and implementations.

Public enumeration ParagraphDirection

Contains the text direction options for paragraphs.

Public enumeration PathPointType

Specifies types of points in a path.

Public enumeration TextAlignment

Specifies text alignment (left, center, or right for horizontal text; top, center, or bottom for vertical text).

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