Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Drawing Namespace

The Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Drawing namespace contains classes intended to: draw lines, curves, shapes and outlined text; use various pens and brushes to outline and fill shapes.


Class Description
Public class BeginDrawEventArgs

Provides data for the BeginDraw event.

Public class Brush

Represents the base class for Graphics Mill brushes.

Public class Drawer

Represents the base class for classes that support drawing within a pipeline.

Public class EndDrawEventArgs

Provides data for the EndDraw event.

Public class Font Obsolete.

Accumulates font and other text rendering settings. It also provides functionality for retrieving font metrics, and other font-related information.

Public class GdiPlusGraphicsDrawer

Provides the System.Drawing.Graphics object for drawing within a pipeline.

Public class GdiPlusGraphicsDrawEventArgs

Provides data for the GdiPlusGraphicsDrawer.Draw event.

Public class Graphics Obsolete.

Represents drawing functionality provided with Graphics Mill.

Public class GraphicsDrawer

Provides the Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Drawing.Graphics object for drawing within a pipeline.

Public class GraphicsDrawEventArgs

Provides data for the GraphicsDrawer.Draw event.

Public class HatchBrush Obsolete.

Represents a brush which fills the shape with a predefined pattern.

Public class Pen Obsolete.

Defines an object used to draw lines and curves.

Public class SolidBrush Obsolete.

Represents a brush of a single color.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Charset

Contains values specifying charsets.

Public enumeration GdiGraphicsMode

Contains modes of the Graphics object.

Public enumeration HatchStyle

Contains different patterns available for HatchBrush objects.

Public enumeration HorizontalAlignment

Contains horizontal alignment types.

Public enumeration LineCap

Contains the available cap styles with which a Pen object can end a line.

Public enumeration TextTrimmingMode

Contains the available trimming modes which defines how to trim a text when it overflows the edge of its containing rectangle (in DrawString(String, Font, SolidBrush, Rectangle, TextTrimmingMode, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean) method).

Public enumeration VerticalAlignment

Contains vertical alignment types.