Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Codecs.Psd Namespace

The Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Codecs.Psd namespace contains classes intended to work with PSD files.


Class Description
Public class ColorOverlayEffect
Public class DropShadowEffect

Represents the drop shadow effect.

Public class Effect

Represents the base class for PSD text effects.

Public class GroupedFrameCollection

Represents a collection of grouped PSD layers.

Public class InnerShadowEffect

Represents the inner shadow effect.

Public class PlainFrameCollection

Represents a collection of raster and text PSD layers.

Public class PsdFrame

Represents a PSD layer.

Public class PsdFrameEffects

Contains properties of the text effects for a PSD layer.

Public class PsdGroupFrame

Represents a grouped PSD layer.

Public class PsdReader

Contains methods and properties used to read PSD images.

Public class PsdShapeFrame

Represents a PSD shape layer.

Public class PsdSmartFrame

Represents a smart object.

Public class PsdSpotChannel

Represents a spot channel.

Public class PsdTextFrame

Represents a PSD text layer.

Public class ShadowEffect

Represents the base class for the shadow text effect obtained from a PSD file.

Public class SpotChannelCollection

Represents a collection of spot channels obtained from a PSD file.

Public class StrokeEffect

Represents the base class for the stroke text effect obtained from a PSD file.

Public class TextSpan

Represents a text span in FormattedText.


Structure Description
Public structure ParagraphSettings

Contains main paragraph settings.

Public structure PsdTextFrameRawSettings

Text settings of a PSD text layer before implementing the transformation matrix (if there is any) to them.


Interface Description
Public interface ITextSettings

Provides text-related parameters.


Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BlendMode

Contains blending modes.

Public enumeration DigitType

Contains digit representation options.

Public enumeration FontCaps

Contains capitalization options.

Public enumeration FrameType

Contains possible types of PSD layers (i.e. frames of PsdReader).

Public enumeration ParagraphDirection

Contains the text direction options for paragraphs.

Public enumeration PsdFeature
Public enumeration StrokePosition

Contains stroke positions.

Public enumeration TextJustification

Contains all possible types of text alignment in PSD text layers.