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ColorManagementProvider Properties

The ColorManagementProvider type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property BuildAdaptivePaletteWithAlpha

Gets/sets a value which specifies whether the alpha channel should be taken into account when building an adaptive palette.

Public property CmykColorProfile

Gets/sets output CMYK color profile.

Public property ColorManagementEngine

Gets/sets color management engine (module) which will be used during image transformation. Graphics Mill for .NET supports the following engines: LittleCMS and Adobe CMM. The property also allows to disable color management and perform transformation without color matching.

Public property ColorQuantizationAlgorithm

Gets/sets a color quantiztion algorithm used to reduce colors.

Public property Dithering

Gets/sets a dithering algorithm used to emulate missing halftones.

Public property DitheringIntensity

Gets/sets dithering intensity.

Public property GrayScaleColorProfile

Gets/sets output grayscale color profile.

Public property IsDisposed (Inherited from LockableObject.)
Public property Locked

Indicates if the object has been locked.

(Inherited from LockableObject.)
Public property PaletteAlphaThreshold

Gets/sets a value which specifies the alpha threshold.

Public property PaletteAlphaThresholdUsed

Gets/sets a value which specifies whether the alpha threshold should be used when building an adaptive palette.

Public property PaletteEntryCount

Gets/sets the maximum number of colors in palette that should be used when performing conversion to an indexed pixel format.

Public property QuantizationTo8bBitsUsed

Gets/sets the number of bits which are in fact used for this channel.

Public property QuantizationTo8bOffset

Gets/sets the offset on which intensity of a pixel will be calculated.

Public property QuantizationTo8bScale

Gets/sets the range in which pixel intensity values will vary.

Public property RgbColorProfile

Gets/sets output RGB color profile.

Public property TargetColorProfile

Gets/sets target device profile used for chain transformations.

Public property Timeout

Gets/sets value specifying maximum time for which object can be locked.

(Overrides LockableObject.Timeout.)
Public property TransformationIntent

Gets/sets color management intent which defines gamut mapping method.

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