A.01Loading and Saving Images

Demonstrates various methods how to use Graphics Mill to load and save images. Both simple syntax to load a single image and more advanced techniques (to load multi-image files) are presented.



A.02JPEG Format

Loads and saves JPEG images.

jpeg+3loading+15saving+10web optimization+5


A.03Lossless JPEG Transforms

Demonstrates how to apply lossless operations (rotate, flip, crop, update region and metadata) on JPEG files, without decoding/encoding JPEG data (therefore, avoiding image quality degradation).

crop+2exif+4flipiptc+2jpeg+3lossless jpeg+1metadata+7rotate+3xmp+2


A.04TIFF Format

Loads and saves TIFF images (both single and multiple pages).



A.05TIFF Extra Channels

Reads and writes extra channel to a TIFF image (such as spot colors or additional alpha channels).



A.06PNG Format

Loads and saves PNG images. Converts a bitmap to a palette-based image optimized for web.

indexed+4loading+15palette+3png+1saving+10web optimization+5


A.07BMP Format

Loads and saves BMP images.



A.08GIF Format

Loads and saves GIF images. Converts a bitmap to a palette-based image optimized for web.

gif+1indexed+4loading+15palette+3saving+10web optimization+5


A.09Animated GIF

Creates an animated GIF. Extracts all frames of animated GIF and resizes GIF without loosing the animation.



A.10WebP Format

Demonstrates how to convert an image to WebP format (both simple and animated).

animated+1loading+15saving+10web optimization+5webp


A.11RAW Format

Reads RAW image format.



A.12Extract TIFF Preview from EPS

Extracts TIFF preview from EPS file.



A.13Writing EPS and PDF

Saves an image and graphics as PDF and EPS file (as bitmap and as vector).


A.14TGA Format

Loads and saves TARGA images.

adobe resource+3clipping path+2loading+15saving+10targatga

A.15PNG NeuQuant

Demonstrates how to reduce 24-bit colors to 8-bit using NeuQuant algorithm and save the result to PNG. Comparing to classic color quantization algorithms, NeuQuant provides much better quality and preserves alpha channel, scarifying the performance.

indexed+4loading+15neuquantpalette+3png+1saving+10web optimization+5