Filters and Transforms

B.01 Resize

Demonstrates how to resize images and generate thumbnails.

B.02 Rotate, Flip

Rotates and flips images. You can rotate both 90/180 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise as well as an arbitrary angle.

B.03 Crop

Demonstrates how to crop a portion of an image.

B.05 Autorotate

Automatically rotates images based on EXIF orientation field. For JPEG images it uses lossless transform to prevent quality degradation.

B.06 Tint

Tints image using specified color.

B.07 Advanced Tone Correction

Implements Levels and Curves (look up tables) functionality of Photoshop as well as Lab color space usage.

B.08 Color Adjustment

Adjusts the channel balance of an image in RGB, HSL and Lab color spaces.

B.09 Minimum, Maximum, Median

Demonstrates how to use morphological filters on images.

B.10 Bezier

Demonstrates how to warp images on an arbitrary 3D surface described with a Bezier function.