Demonstrates how to resize images and generate thumbnails.

image processing+6resize+5thumbnail+1transform+5


B.02Rotate, Flip

Rotates and flips images. You can rotate both 90/180 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise as well as an arbitrary angle.

image processing+6rotate+3transform+5



Demonstrates how to crop a portion of an image.

crop+2image processing+6transform+5


B.04Brightness, Contrast

Adjusts a brightness/contrast of an image.

brightnesscontrastfilter+5image processing+6



Automatically rotates images based on EXIF orientation field. For JPEG images it uses lossless transform to prevent quality degradation.

autorotateexif+4image processing+6jpeg+3lossless jpeg+1metadata+7rotate+3transform+5



Tints image using specified color.

filter+5image processing+6sepiatint


B.07Advanced Tone Correction

Implements Levels and Curves (look up tables) functionality of Photoshop as well as Lab color space usage.

curvesfilter+5lab+3levelsluttone correction


B.08Color Adjustment

Adjusts the channel balance of an image in RGB, HSL and Lab color spaces.

channel balancefilter+5hsllab+3


B.09Minimum, Maximum, Median

Demonstrates how to use morphological filters on images.



Demonstrates how to warp images on an arbitrary 3D surface described with a Bezier function.