Demos & Samples

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B Filters and Transforms

B.01 Resize

Demonstrates how to resize images and generate thumbnails.

F Metadata

F.02 Thumbnail from EXIF

Demonstrates very efficient technique to receive thumbnails for JPEG files - it extracts them from EXIF and if it doesn't exist, it resizes the JPEG file in a classic manner.

F.05 Clipping Path

Demonstrates how to work with a clipping path added to an image in Adobe Photoshop. It is a part of in Adobe Resource metatada.

G Large Images (Memory-Friendly Pipeline API)

G.01 Resize, Rotate, Crop

Demonstrates how to use memory-friendly Pipeline API to apply basic image processing operations such as resizing, rotation, cropping, combine and other effects. Strongly recommended for large images.

I PSD Format (Adobe Photoshop)

I.01 Merge and Resize

Reads PSD images (including multilayered ones). Loads each layer, combines them together and creates a thumbnail.

L Misc

L.02 Batch Resize Using PowerShell

Automates image resize and color correction using Graphics Mill and PowerShell