PSD Format (Adobe Photoshop)

I.01 Merge and Resize

Reads PSD images (including multilayered ones). Loads each layer, combines them together and creates a thumbnail.

I.02 Modify and Merge Layers

Demonstrates how to parse, modify and merge layers of PSD file.

I.03 Curved Text

Demonstrates how to parse and merge layers of PSD file with curved text.

I.04 Render Templates

Demonstrates how to to use PsdProcessor to load a Adobe Photoshop (PSD) file, modify the content of its text and image layers and merge the result to PDF or JPEG.

I.05 Create 3D Preview

Creates a personalized mug 3D preview. The mug model is extracted from a PSD file (image of a mug as a raster layer and bitmap mapping info as a SmartObject) and the image on a mug is provided by a user.