G.01Resize, Rotate, Crop

Demonstrates how to use memory-friendly Pipeline API to apply basic image processing operations such as resizing, rotation, cropping, combine and other effects. Strongly recommended for large images.

crop+2pipeline api+7resize+5rotate+3



Draws rectangles, ellipses, etc on large images using a memory-friendly Pipeline API.

drawing+15pipeline api+7


G.03Pipeline API Syntax

Shows how to use Pipeline API in various ways. See alternative syntaxes illustrating how to build a pipeline of readers, writers, and transforms for memory-friendly image processing.

pipeline api+7


G.04Multiple Receivers

Explains how to apply several image transformations to a single image in one run (e.g. generate thumbnails of several sizes). It allows processing an image in the most efficient way avoiding unnecessary file reading operations.

pipeline api+7


G.05Multiple Sources

Explains how to use several images in one image transformation (i.e. build a pipeline which accepts several sources). In this example, a RGB bitmap is constructed from 3 grayscale images.

channel+2pipeline api+7


G.06Progress and Cancel

Demonstrates how to track a progress event (e.g. to display a progress indicator) and cancel the effect if the user press a hotkey.

asyncasynchronous pipeline api+7


G.07Split Image into Tiles

Illustrates an example of a complicated pipeline which cuts a very large image into a big amount of smaller tiles at a single run.

leaflet+1pipeline api+7tile+1