Large Images (Memory-Friendly Pipeline API)

G.01 Resize, Rotate, Crop

Demonstrates how to use memory-friendly Pipeline API to apply basic image processing operations such as resizing, rotation, cropping, combine and other effects. Strongly recommended for large images.

G.02 Drawing

Draws rectangles, ellipses, etc on large images using a memory-friendly Pipeline API.

G.03 Pipeline API Syntax

Shows how to use Pipeline API in various ways. See alternative syntaxes illustrating how to build a pipeline of readers, writers, and transforms for memory-friendly image processing.

G.04 Multiple Receivers

Explains how to apply several image transformations to a single image in one run (e.g. generate thumbnails of several sizes). It allows processing an image in the most efficient way avoiding unnecessary file reading operations.

G.05 Multiple Sources

Explains how to use several images in one image transformation (i.e. build a pipeline which accepts several sources). In this example, a RGB bitmap is constructed from 3 grayscale images.

G.06 Progress and Cancel

Demonstrates how to track a progress event (e.g. to display a progress indicator) and cancel the effect if the user press a hotkey.

G.07 Split Image into Tiles

Illustrates an example of a complicated pipeline which cuts a very large image into a big amount of smaller tiles at a single run.