E.01Converting Pixel Formats

Demonstrates how to convert an image between different pixel formats (RGB, CMYK, indexed, black-white, extended precision per channel). Creates indexed PNG images optimized for web. Adds alpha channel to a bitmap.

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E.02CMYK, Grayscale to RGB

Сonverts a non-RGB image (such as CMYK or grayscale) to a standard 8 bit per-channel RGB pixel format.

cmyk+4color management+8convert colors+3grayscale+2indexed+4rgb+3



Illustrates how to convert an RGB image to CMYK with or without color management. Generates an RGB preview of this color conversion to display it on the screen.

cmyk+4color management+8convert colors+3rgb+3


E.04Color Profile

Demonstrates how to work with color profile files, i.e. load them from images and separate files, append them to bitmaps, extract info from them.

color management+8color profile


E.05Color Management Engines

Demonstrates how to convert CMYK/RGB images using different color management engines. LittleCMS and Adobe Color Management Module (CMM) are supported.

color management+8



Explains how to work with image channels - split, combine or swap them. Find here how to add/remove alpha channel or make pixels of a given color transparent.

alphachannel+2color management+8


E.07Converting Color Values

Converts an individual color between different color spaces with color management applied.

cmyk+4color management+8grayscale+2lab+3rgb+3


E.08Lab Color Space

Demonstrates basics of image processing in Lab color space.

color management+8lab+3

E.09Color Proofing

Demonstrates color proofing.

E.10Device Link Profile

Converts pixels between two CMYK color spaces using device link color profiles - simplified color management technique which does not require converting colors to a device independent color space.

cmyk+4color management+8convert colors+3