Font and Text

D.01 Plain and Bounded (Multiline) Text

Draws text strings and text areas on an image. Includes: horizontal and vertical single line text (with optional effects), multiline text bounded with a specified rectangle.

D.02 Font Loading and Text Measuring

Calculates width and height of a rectangle occupied by a text string with specified font settings as well as other font metrics. Includes: receiving text size and string ascender/descender, calculating “black box” of a regular string and artistic text (written on a circle), loads a font dynamically.

D.03 Art Text

Draws a text line with various artistic effects and distortions. Includes: various artistic text types (text on circle, bended text, etc) with variable bend level, text effects (glow, shadow).

D.04 Double Path Text

Distorts a text string using two custom Bezier curves (on the top and bottom of the string). Includes: drawing curved text based on two Beziers with variable font size.

D.05 Watermark

Fills a JPEG image with a text watermark. Includes: two types of watermark (simple diagonal watermark and two-string watermark with a grid).

D.06 PDF and EPS Output

Generates two vector images and saves them as a PDF or EPS. Includes: drawing an image, vector and text data on a PDF/EPS, multipage PDF file support.

D.07 Formatted Text

Demonstrates how to draw a formatted text. It is possible to change font settings for each character.

D.08 Paragraphs and Lists

Renders formatted text with paragraphs and lists (both ordered and unordered).

D.09 Text Flow Control

Demonstrates how to have text to flow between several blocks, as well as wrap text blocks around some objects.