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IStateNavigable Members

The IStateNavigable type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method ClearHistory

Discards both undo and redo history.

Public method ClearRedoHistory

Discards redo history.

Public method ClearUndoHistory

Discards undo history.

Public method Redo Overloaded.

Redoes last undone change.

Public method SaveState

Saves state of the object.

Public method Undo Overloaded.

Undoes last made change.


Name Description
Public property CanRedo

Indicates if last reverted action can be redone.

Public property CanUndo

Indicates if last change can be undone.

Public property MaxUndoStepCount

Gets/sets maximum number of available undo steps (levels).

Public property RedoStepCount

Returns number of available redo levels (i.e. how much time method Redo() can be called).

Public property UndoRedoEnabled

Enables or disables undo/redo functionality.

Public property UndoRedoTrackingEnabled

Enables or disables the automatic change tracking.

Public property UndoStepCount

Returns number of available undo levels (i.e. how much time method Undo() can be called).


Name Description
Public event Redoing

Fires when image is being redone (before starting).

Public event Redone

Fires when operation has been redone (after finishing).

Public event Undoing

Fires when image is being undone (before starting).

Public event Undone

Fires when operation has been undone (after finishing).

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