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AviAudioManager.AddAudioStream Method

Adds new empty audio stream to the AVI file.

Namespace: Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Codecs
Assembly: Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Codecs.AviProcessor (in Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Codecs.AviProcessor.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Function AddAudioStream As Integer
public int AddAudioStream()

Return Value

An integer value which specifies the index of new audio stream in the AVI file.


This overloaded version of the AddAudioStream() method does not add any audio data to the stream. It is assumed that you will append audio data using the AppendAudioStream(Int32, AviAudioManager, Int32, Boolean) method.


You can use this member only if you get this instance of the AviAudioManager from the writer object.

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