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Frame Class

This is a base class for the frames.

Namespace: Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Codecs
Assembly: Aurigma.GraphicsMill (in Aurigma.GraphicsMill.dll)


Visual Basic
Public MustInherit Class Frame _
	Inherits LockableObject _
	Implements IFrame
public abstract class Frame : LockableObject, IFrame


In general, frames stores the following information:

  • Bitmap. You can get it using GetBitmap(Bitmap) method. You can also receive its thumbnail using GetThumbnail(Bitmap, Int32, Int32) method (it will work much faster than receiving thumbnail and then resizing it, because it will be done "on-the-fly").
  • Bitmap characteristics such as Width, Height, and PixelFormat. These properties will extract these data without loading entire bitmap into memory, so it works extremely fast.
  • Frame position relatively entire file "canvas" (Left and Top properties). As this "canvas" defined not for all the formats, these values are meaningless for such formats. In this case they are always equal to 0.

These data are read from file only once. After you read some property, it is cached and next time it returns pre-loaded data.

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