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Jpeg2kEncoderOptions Properties

The Jpeg2kEncoderOptions type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property Compression

Gets/sets a value that specifies a JPEG2000 compression type.

Public property Left

Gets/sets left position of the frame.

(Inherited from EncoderOptions.)
Public property MediaFormat

Returns media format for which encoder options are defined.

(Inherited from EncoderOptions.)
Public property ProgressionOrder

Gets/sets a progression order (packets ordering in the code stream).

Public property Rate

Gets/sets a compression ratio.

Public property TileHeight

Gets/sets a JPEG2000 tile height.

Public property TileWidth

Gets/sets a JPEG2000 tile width.

Public property Top

Gets/sets top position of the frame.

(Inherited from EncoderOptions.)

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