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SwfEncoderOptions Properties

The SwfEncoderOptions type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property BackgroundColor

Gets/sets a background color for the SWF movie.

Public property Compression

Gets/sets SWF compression type for the frame.

Public property Delay

Gets/sets a number of hundredths (1/100) of a second to wait after rendering the frame.

Public property DisposalMethod

Gets/sets disposal method, i.e. what to do with the screen when new frame is being displayed.

Public property Height

Gets/sets SWF movie height.

Public property Left

Gets/sets left position of the frame.

(Inherited from EncoderOptions.)
Public property MediaFormat

Returns media format for which encoder options are defined.

(Inherited from EncoderOptions.)
Public property Quality

Gets/sets a JPEG quality if compression type is set to Jpeg.

Public property Top

Gets/sets top position of the frame.

(Inherited from EncoderOptions.)
Public property Width

Gets/sets SWF movie width.

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