TiffSettings Members

The TiffSettings type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method TiffSettings Overloaded.

Initializes a new instance of the TiffSettings class.


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Name Description
Public property AdobeResources

Gets or sets Adobe® image resource blocks to write into the image.

Public property Compression

Gets or sets a compression type to write the image with.

Public property Exif

Gets or sets EXIF data collection to write into the image.

Public property Format

Gets file format for which these settings are defined.

(Inherited from WriterSettings.)
Public property Iptc

Gets or sets IPTC data collection to write into the image.

Public property IsAlphaPremultiplied

Gets or sets a value indicating whether to premultiply image with alpha channel during writing or not.

Public property Quality

Gets or sets a JPEG quality if compression type is set to Jpeg.

Public property Xmp

Gets or sets the XML code containing the XMP metadata to write into the image.

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