ColorConverter Members

The ColorConverter type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method ColorConverter Overloaded.

Initializes a new instance of the ColorConverter class.


Name Description
Public method Apply

Produces a transformed copy of a given bitmap. The source bitmap remains unchanged.

(Inherited from Transform.)
Public method ConvertColor Overloaded.

Converts a given color into another color space.

Public method Dispose

Releases all resources used by this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
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Public method GetPathTransformMatrix

Gets the transform matrix from an image.

(Inherited from Transform.)
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Public method IsPixelFormatSupported

Verifies whether the specified pixel format is supported by this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
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Public method RunPipeline

Runs a pipeline staring from this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
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Name Description
Public property BackgroundColor

Gets or sets a background color used when alpha channel is flatten.

Public property ColorManagementEngine

Gets or sets color management engine which will be used during image transformation. Graphics Mill supports the following engines: LittleCMS and Adobe CMM. The property also allows disabling color management and perform transformation without color matching.

Public property DefaultSourceProfile

Gets or sets a default input color profile.

Public property DestinationPixelFormat

Gets or sets a destination pixel format.

Public property DestinationProfile

Gets or sets the output color profile.

Public property DeviceLinkProfile

Gets or sets a device link color profile.

Public property Dithering

Gets or sets a dithering algorithm used to emulate missing halftones.

Public property DitheringIntensity

Gets or sets a dithering intensity.

Public property DropDestinationProfile

Gets or sets a boolean value defining whether the resulting file contains the destination profile.

Public property Id

Gets or sets a unique identifier of this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
Public property Opacity

Gets or sets a value to initialize alpha channel when converting from pixel format which does not support alpha to pixel format which does.

Public property Palette

Gets or sets a palette used during conversion to indexed pixel formats.

Public property Receivers

Gets a collection of pipeline elements that will receive the result of this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
Public property SupportedPixelFormats

Gets a collection of pixel formats that are supported by this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
Public property TargetDeviceProfile

Gets or sets the target device profile used for chain transformations.

Public property TransformationIntent

Gets or sets the intent which defines gamut mapping method.

Public property TransparentIndexThreshold

Gets or sets a transparency threshold.


Name Description
Public event OnInit

Occurs when the pipeline element is initialized.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)

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