PdfWriter Methods

The PdfWriter type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public method AddPage Overloaded.
Public method Close

Closes the writer, flushes all unsaved data, and detaches the it from the opened file (or other media).

(Inherited from ImageWriter.)
Public method Dispose

Releases all resources used by this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
Public method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetAppropriatePixelFormat

Returns an appropriate pixel format for this PdfWriter.

(Overrides ImageWriter.GetAppropriatePixelFormat(PixelFormat).)
Public method GetGraphics

Gets the Graphics object associated with this PdfWriter.

Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public method IsPixelFormatSupported

Verifies whether the specified pixel format is supported by this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public method RunPipeline

Runs a pipeline staring from this PipelineElement.

(Inherited from PipelineElement.)
Public method Setup

Configures this image writer using the provided settings.

(Overrides ImageWriter.Setup(WriterSettings).)
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)

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