XmpArrayNode Properties

The XmpArrayNode type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property Count

Gets the number of elements contained in the XmpArrayNode.

(Overrides XmpNode.Count.)
Public property IsFixedSize

Gets a value indicating whether the XmpArrayNode has a fixed size.

Public property IsReadOnly

Gets a value indicating whether the XmpArrayNode is read-only.

Public property IsSynchronized

Gets a value indicating whether access to the XmpArrayNode is synchronized (thread safe).

(Overrides XmpNode.IsSynchronized.)
Public property Item

Gets or sets the element at the specified index.

Public property Name

Gets a qualified XMP node name.

(Inherited from XmpNode.)
Public property Namespace

Gets a namespace to which the node belongs.

(Inherited from XmpNode.)
Public property NodeType

Gets an XMP type of the node.

(Inherited from XmpNode.)
Public property SyncRoot

Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the XmpArrayNode.

(Overrides XmpNode.SyncRoot.)

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