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PerChannelBitmapTransform Class

This is a base class for all transforms which can be applied on separate channels.

Namespace: Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Transforms
Assembly: Aurigma.GraphicsMill (in Aurigma.GraphicsMill.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Class PerChannelBitmapTransform _
	Inherits MaskedBitmapTransform
public class PerChannelBitmapTransform : MaskedBitmapTransform


Main feature of this class (and its descendants) is possibility to specify what channels should be modified with the transform. To do it you should use Channelsproperty. This property retrieves an array of boolean values. To mark a channel (or channels) which should be affected by the transform, set entry with appropriate index to true. If you set it to false, appropriate channel in not affected. For example, you apply transform on 24-bit RGB image. This way it has three channels, blue (at index 0), green (at index 1), and red (at index 2). Now let's assume you want to modify red and green channels, and leave blue channel as is. You should pass an array which contains three boolean values, first one should be false, and the rest of them should be true:

transform.Channels(0) = False  ' blue channel unchanged
transform.Channels(1) = True   ' green channel should be modified
transform.Channels(2) = True   ' red channel should be modified
transform.Channels[0] = false;  // blue channel unchanged
transform.Channels[1] = true;   // green channel should be modified
transform.Channels[2] = true;   // red channel should be modified

By default all channels are selected. Using methods SelectAllChannels() or DeselectAllChannels() you can select or deselect all channels.

This class is inherited from MaskedBitmapTransform, so it supports all the features provided with this class (true in-place applying support, using masks).

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