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Resize.CropEnabled Property

Gets/sets a value which enables or disables crop-before-resize feature.

Namespace: Aurigma.GraphicsMill.Transforms
Assembly: Aurigma.GraphicsMill (in Aurigma.GraphicsMill.dll)


Visual Basic
Public Property CropEnabled As Boolean
public bool CropEnabled { get; set; }

Property Value

Value which enables or disables crop-before-resize feature.


If you enable cropping before resize, you need also initialize CropRectangle parameter. When it is enabled, the transform takes pixels from this rectangle when resizing. Unlike situation when you first crop the image with Crop transform and then apply Resize, this mode takes into account pixels neighbour to the rectangle boundary (but out of the rectangle) and this way it avoids edge effects.

Default value is false (disabled).

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