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FloodFill Properties

The FloodFill type exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property Completed

Returns value indicating if the operation is currently running.

(Inherited from SyncHandler.)
Public property ExceptionThrowEnabled

Gets/sets value that specifies if to throw exception in synchronous mode.

(Inherited from SyncHandler.)
Public property FillColor

Gets/sets a color used to fill the surface.

Public property Locked

Indicates if the object has been locked.

(Inherited from SyncHandler.)
Public property Mode

Gets/sets a value specifying how to determine the filling area boundary.

Public property Point

Gets/sets a start point for the flood fill algorithm.

Public property PreserveAlpha

Get/sets a value that specifies if to leave alpha channel intacted with the flood fill algorithm.

Public property Priority

Gets/sets a priority for the auxilary thread.

(Inherited from SyncHandler.)
Public property ProcessHalftones

Gets/sets a value that specifies how to process colors which are not exactly match the TargetColor, but are tolerant enough.

Public property SupportedPixelFormats

Returns an array of pixel formats that are supported by this transform.

(Inherited from BitmapTransform.)
Public property SynchronizationMode

Gets/sets synchronization mode for the object.

(Inherited from SyncHandler.)
Public property TargetColor

Gets/sets a target color that is used to find the boundaries of area to fill.

Public property Timeout

Gets/sets value specifying maximum time for which object can be locked.

(Inherited from SyncHandler.)
Public property Tolerance

Gets/sets a maximum allowed tolerance for the target color.

Public property Unit

Gets/sets unit used to measure all the coordinates, sizes and other spatial values.

(Inherited from UnitConverterHandler.)

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